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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

All Staff Email Updates


March 19, 2020

Hi everyone another update tonight, though this one will be a bit shorter. 

Not much to alert you to today.  Sadly we have heard that we have had our first death in Edmonton as a result of Covid-19.  The individual was over sixty and suffering from health complications before they became sick.  But it struck me as a reminder that the actions we take in response to this outbreak have real consequences.  There is sadness in that announcement.  

Despite this, I am still hopeful because I see how hard everyone is working to make sure that our community can pull through this and indeed our entire society.


As of today, we are still at Level 3 of our response plan.  This means we are very closely monitoring the situation for both our staff and Community Members. 


Community Centre Update

Unfortunately, we did not get the answer we were hoping to hear from the province about the mobilization of a site to transport individuals from our community where they would be safe and taken care of.  We hope that this will be resolved by tomorrow.  Mayor Iveson publicly called for more swift action from the province.  Let's hope that things will progress.  The city has indicated that they are ready when the province is willing.  


I know many of us are frustrated at the slow pace of action on this front but I can assure you Jordan, Marliss and the team are working exhaustively to advocate for our Community Members and I think the City's response today is indicative of that. 


Thanks to all of the teams.

I want to thank all of our sites for working together so comprehensively.  We have staff volunteering to come to the community centre and community centre staff willing help out at GLP if they need it. This is just one example of the many collaborations currently underway across our organization. I'm so proud of our organization and how much we all have come together.  This is why Boyle Street is such a great place to work.  We not only look after our Community Members, but we also look after each other. On that note, I know sometimes we still have friction and conflict, that's going to happen, its how we choose to deal with it that will keep us going. 


be patient with each other 


be kind 


be helpful


be a good listener. 


Also...somethings get easier when people stay home...



Also... I've been using digital and remote communications a lot lately... There's a certain art to making sure the mic is turned off...  The Office never disappoints.