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Group Living Programs

Group Living Programs provide stability, consistency and predictability to support children and youth from ages 0-24 in the pursuit of relationship building and permanency. Through collaborations with Children’s Services and their social service agency partnerships, we work towards the physical well being, relationship development and preservation of the cultural as well as ethnic diversity of the young people we serve.


In addition, we connect young people with Alberta Health Services in support of their mental health to access counselling, assessments, and assistance in navigating adult services such as AISH and PDD.


Our Group Living Programs protect individual rights, teach self-advocacy and ensure that developmental milestones and transition planning into adulthood is done from a multi-disciplinary, clinically supported, therapeutic crisis intervention, trauma-informed place of care.



The philosophy of Group Living Programs is based on the belief that young people and their families have the innate capacity to grow and develop so the preservation and support of those significant relationships is essential.


We believe that for successful growth to occur young people deserve consistent physical care, well-matched learning environments, ongoing access to recreational activities and a variety of opportunities to connect with their communities. We believe that each young person is unique and deserves to have their histories valued, their current needs well-resourced and their future transitions thoughtfully planned.



4 Locations

3 Group Living Programs - Support young people from 2-24 years of age through the collaboration of multidisciplinary service teams designed to acknowledge and support their Relational, Cultural, Physical and Legal rights as outlined by the Child Intervention Practice Framework in the “Four Domains of Permanency.”