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Local Businesses: We've Got Your Back

At Boyle Street Community Services, we understand the importance of local business and community sustainability in Edmonton. The goal of this Community Sustainability campaign is to reciprocate local giving; this time, we're offering a helping hand to the Edmonton-based businesses that have supported our community. 


By committing to becoming a monthly donor for Boyle Street Community Services, you will also be supporting a local business of your choice. We will be providing donors with a gift card* equal to the value of the first month’s donation to the local business of your choice (*gift card value limit of $25.00).

Why Local Businesses Are So Important

We recognize that the business community in Edmonton is suffering because of the pandemic. In fact, nearly half of Edmonton businesses were expecting to close permanently at the beginning of 2020. In addition to being a huge loss for our local community, this can have a significant trickle-down effect for Boyle Street Community Services.

When local businesses shut down, we see an increase in clients accessing our services. We see more people needing to access our Community Centre, an increase in youth accessing our Group Living facilities, and families accessing services at the Northeast Hub.  

How It Works

When you sign up to become a monthly donor to Boyle Street Community Services, you'll be prompted to input the value that you would like to donate on a monthly basis and select your favourite local business in Edmonton. Then, we'll take the value of your first month's donation and turn it into a gift certificate for you from your chosen local business! 


Unable to donate right now? No problem! You can still support our efforts by sharing this campaign with your networks via our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), or share this webpage link with friends and family through email, text message, carrier pigeon... whatever gets the word out!

Watch our feature on Global News Edmonton. Aired April 22, 2020

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Becoming a Monthly Donor

By becoming a monthly donor, you have the opportunity to: 

  • Become an ambassador for Boyle Street Community Services in your community

  • Support a local Edmonton business of your choice


By becoming a monthly donor, you are: 

  • Advocating for Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens 

  • Leading meaningful change in your community 

  • Supporting Boyle Street Community Services in our efforts to empower over 12,000 people who access our services annually 

  • Supporting a locally-owned and operated business 

  • Receiving a gift equal to the value of your first month’s donation ​

Featured Local Businesses

Not sure which local business you'd like to support? Take a look at our Featured Local Businesses!

Check out our list of Featured Local Businesses. These independent businesses in Edmonton have gone above and beyond to support our community, and we want to make sure you know about them.



The QUILTBAG is an LGBTQ2S+ retail shop for queer & trans wares in Edmonton. They carry year-round pride swag and art from over 60 local LGBTQ2S+ artists. During COVID-19, they are open by appointment from Wednesday to Friday and for drop-ins on Sundays. Their online shop is available 24/7 with options for local pickup, delivery, or shipping at


Glass Bookshop: 

Glass Bookshop is a new space in Edmonton that focuses on Canadian writing with a spotlight on queer and racialized writers, as well as the independent publishers who help to produce their work. Due to COVID-19, they are currently closed to browsing, but they offer free delivery to homes in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You can browse their stock and order in almost any book at



MilkCrate is a cafe and hospitality brand located in the lobby of the Epcor Tower in downtown Edmonton. They offer a variety of services, many adapted to life during the pandemic: small and large catered events, preserves to enhance your home cooking, and virtual cooking classes. MilkCrate’s storefront location provides delicious coffee, breakfast and lunch to the downtown community, open from 7am to 3pm from Monday to Friday. Browse their menu at


AlleyKat Brewing Company: 

AlleyKat is an award-winning, locally owned and operated brewing company. Dreamed up by three local beer aficionados, AlleyKat has been brewing premium beer for more than 25 years. AlleyKat prioritizes environmental practices and community care. During COVID-19, you can shop online and place an order for delivery or pickup. Browse their website to read about their latest brews: 

arcadia brewing co logo.png

Arcadia Brewing Company: 

Arcadia Brewing Co. is a local craft brewpub which makes beers in house, while supporting and building the community around them. Their patio is open Tuesday to Friday from 3am to 11pm, Saturday from 12pm to 11pm, and Sunday from 12pm to 8pm. Arcadia also offers delivery and curbside pickup. You can shop and buy gift cards online at: 

the grizzlar logo.png

The Grizzlar Coffee and Records: 

The Grizzlar is downtown Edmonton’s sustainable coffee roaster, café, and espresso bar. They serve up ethically-traded roasts, vegan treats, and craft brews. As an independent small business, they’re committed to uplifting local artists and musicians. They are offering takeout on Tuesday to Thursday from 8am to 4pm, Friday from 8am to 6pm, and weekends from 9am to 4pm. Shop their beans, brews and merchandise online at: 

Libertine Fragrance logo.png

Libertine Fragrance

Libertine Fragrance is an independent perfume house, formulating and bottling unisex fragrances here in Edmonton. They create scents for the home and body to inspire a connection to the senses, the present moment and to help people find moments of pleasure throughout their days. Libertine scents are sold by several local retailers and available online at: 

The next act logo.png

The Next Act Pub: 

The Next Act is a trendy pub located in Old Strathcona at the heart of Edmonton’s festival and theatre district. They’ve been serving award-winning burgers, comfort food, and craft beer in a casual atmosphere for over 25 years. The Next Act is open Monday to Friday from 11am to 10pm and weekends from 10am to 10pm. Check out their menu and takeout and delivery options online at:  


Owned and operated by Boyle Street Community Services, hiregood offers property maintenance services like lawn care, junk removal, moving, cleaning, and so much more! Hiregood employs people who face barriers to the formal job market; many of their employees are experiencing homelessness or poverty. They provide on-site training, mentorship, and pay a living wage to their employees to help to break the cycle of poverty. Learn more at:

Sign Up

To sign up to become a monthly donor, please fill out the form below. If you are having trouble accessing the form below, you can open it in a new tab by clicking here.

If you have any questions about signing up, please contact our Community Relationship Lead Kassidy Green (she/her) at