Being a Boyle Street Ambassador

The vision that we are working towards at Boyle Street Community Services is to see that all people grow healthier through involvement in strong, accepting and respectful communities.  Achieving this vision takes time, compassion, and most importantly, amazing people.  Every day our halls are filled with resilient clients and dedicated staff, but an often-unsung star in our community is the Boyle Street Ambassador.  Our Ambassadors are people who care for our city’s most vulnerable and marginalized individuals and want to do something to make a difference in their lives.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a resounding THANK YOU to all of our wonderful Ambassadors for everything they do.

Ambassadors make an impact in a wide spectrum of ways.  Some make a physical presence in the Community Centre.  Others act as influencers in their own circles, speaking about the work done through Boyle Street or advocating on behalf of our clients.  The acts and involvement of our Ambassadors are as varied and unique as the people themselves.

At Boyle Street, we are realists and do not shy away from recognizing some of the grittier facts of life.  Well, the reality is that despite the tenacity and success achieved by our community, our clients will always face barriers to inclusion until long-term systemic change occurs.  I call our Ambassadors stars because truly it is through their initiative of educating themselves about the complexities of poverty, and then spreading that knowledge throughout their own networks that a widespread change of hearts and minds transpires.  Teamed with our Ambassadors we are addressing societal bias, filling education gaps, and challenging social norms.

This blog is a love letter to all of our Ambassadors. 

Our gratitude and appreciation for their contribution are great, and with a standing ovation, we recognize them for the tremendous impact they make on our entire community.

With the greatest admiration, we at Boyle Street Community Services sincerely say thank you.

Though we wish to individually recognize every single Ambassador, we have chosen to feature a few stand out Ambassador engagements that took place throughout this past year:

Oxford Properties and the Holiday Gift Wrappers

Edmonton Islamic Academy & Prince Charles School Partnership

Ashlynn Quilty

Wayne and Pam Schafer

Nvenn Hair and Beauty Bar

Impact Session Participants

McClure United Church Women’s Group

RE/MAX Elite “The Face of Resilience Gala”

Ride for Refuge

The Nook Café and Urban Tavern

Arcadia Bar

The Grizzlar Coffee and Records

MacEwan University Nursing Students

CSL Student Community Cook Book

EllisDon Golf Tournament

If you would like to become a Boyle Street Ambassador or know someone who fits this description, sign up to receive “The Ambassador Insider”, our bi-monthly newsletter. Through our newsletter and other e-blasts, you will be provided with material and information to make you well informed about the challenges and opportunities faced by our vulnerable and marginalized neighbours.  This is also how you can find out about unique engagement opportunities and exclusive Ambassador events.