Request for Proposal: Managed IT Services

Dear interested IT provider,

Boyle Street Community Services is reviewing the current state of its managed IT services and is requesting proposals from interested vendors to provide high quality IT support for our operations.

Boyle Street Service Society has been working in the city of Edmonton since 1971 to serve, support and empower people to take control of their lives and escape the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Boyle Street Service Society provides over 40 programs and services to over 12,000 individuals every year. Our clients are diverse. We serve adults, youth, and families and are proud to act as a knowledgeable resource for Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, and newcomer communities.

We employ approximately 400 people in over nine locations and offer several mobile outreach programs in Edmonton. Our programs are outlined on our website at

Interested Proponents shall submit an electronic copy of their proposal in PDF format to no later than 4:00 pm on Nov 7, 2020. The email subject line should read: IT Managed Services (company name)

Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance of the conditions contained in this RFP, unless clearly and specifically noted in the proposal submitted.

Please include how you came to find this proposal (advertisement, linked in, direct referral)

Proposal Content

Executive Summary

Describe your understanding of the work to be performed and your firm's ability to perform the work.

Professional Experience

Describe how and why your firm is different from other firms being considered. This should include an explanation of the firm's philosophy, size, structure, and qualifications with serving not for profit organizations with a similar size and operations. Describe your firm's resources devoted to not for profit organizations and provide copies of newsletters or other resource materials addressing issues relevant to not for profit organizations. Speak to your companies’ values and how that aligns with the values and mission of BSCS. How do you support your staff and create a healthy work environment?

Team Qualifications

Identify the specific partners, managers, and in-charge staff who will be assigned to this engagement if you are successful in your bid. Provide their bios specifying relevant experience to the type of services requested. Also, discuss commitments you make to staff continuity, including your staff turnover experience in the last three years.

Levels of Service

· Detail the services that are included in your proposal for the provision of IT support

· Detail any services that are not included in your proposal for the provision of IT support

· Describe your support model for after hours service

· Describe how you might track and diagnose client issues

· Provide an outline of your levels of support and priority coding

· Provide details on response times for each priority level during typical business hours and after hours, note any service guarantee times

Client Relations

Describe any needs from the client in terms of resources that are required to provide the services outlined within the proposal.

Describe how you communicate to clients in order that they can be aware of changes in the system's condition or changes.

Describe your dispute resolution process.


Please provide the name and contact information of at least 3 client references for services like those outlined here. At least 2 should be from a Non-Profit client of similar nature/size to Boyle Street Community Services.


The successful provider will be responsible for detailing how they would guarantee the following services:

Support desk/Support pod

24/7 support that can be accessed through multiple modalities, phone, email, text or DM. This support should assist in new user creation, resolving network issues, printer setup, workstation set up and other technical issues. This will also be the main point of contact for all IT related concerns.

Onsite Support

The proposal will include a minimum of four days per month (weekly) of onsite technical/user support to tend to routine service maintenance, non-urgent service tickets, provide workstation support, trouble shooting and provide support for equipment and the network as required.

Maintenance and Maintenance Records

The successful proposal will articulate how the vendor will maintain and complete records of all IT assets of Boyle Street Community Services including location, purchase date, warranty firmware, applications as well as all software, anti-virus and other license maintenance including Microsoft 365.

Perform regular and scheduled maintenance and maintain complete and timely records of regular and scheduled maintenance and testing performed. Report on these on an annual basis. Include proactive ticket creation for automated tasks.

Disaster Recovery

The successful Proponent will ensure regular and scheduled maintenance is performed and will ensure that regular and complete backups are performed and safely stored for redundancy purposes. The backups are to be tested on a regular basis.

In the event of a disaster involving BSCS data or system, the Proponent must be able to recover the data or system. The Proponent shall have a current documented disaster recovery protocol in place. In the event of a disaster, the Proponent shall be responsible for the complete rebuild/restoration of BSCS’ data infrastructure.

Management of IT Asset Lifecycle The successful Proponent will establish an annual hardware renewal program and make recommendations for consideration during operating budget discussions.

Workstation and Hardware Management The successful Proponent will be accountable for all workstation/laptop/mobile device management including but not limited to

o Computer hardware configuration

o Work with BSCS Operations for hardware replacement including but not limited to requirements and purchasing on behalf of BSCS

o Work with BSCS Operations to build, install and enforce a mobile device policy for managing connected phones / tablets

· New/break/fix/move/upgrade support.

· Warranty management and updating

· Software license maintenance and optimization

· Documentation, deployment and maintenance including support with inventory tracking and management.

· FAQ document on common issues.

Network Security

· Installation and management of anti-virus software and anti-virus / spyware

· Spam filtering, user authentication, file security

· VPN connection or remote desktop or other off-site connection systems

· Maintenance of all network pass codes

· Manage firewall(s)

· Manage public and private Wi-Fi access and Wireless Access points, including liaising with hardware providers.

· Ensuring all licencing is up to date

Network Monitoring and Optimization Management

· Roadmap and strategy for transition to cloud-based infrastructure from premise-based server

· Though we are moving to cloud based infrastructure please included information on 24 x 7 network and server monitoring and response

· Archiving of files cloud and traditional

· System updates, firmware updates, patch and version control

· Measurement, monitoring and regular reporting of key performance indicators

· such as disk space

· Daily backup

Network Design, Installation, Support

· Manage physical network devices such as servers, routers, switches and

· firewalls.

· Manage and maintain internet connections in conjunction with the BSCS internet service provider and ensure that service providers are accountable and providing high quality service

· Facilitate and support BSCS to change internet service providers as needed

· Remote and onsite support for network and internet connectivity as needed

· Printer management and set up

· Management of new/terminated employee email and profile setup in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint


Pricing should be broken into at minimum the following components:

a) Monthly base charge or seat count for bundled services with a detailed explanation of how seat costs are calculated and maintained.

b) Hourly charge for technical services not included in the above Base Services Contract.

c) Any other costing as required.

Evaluation of Proposal

Corporate Information, Experience and Culture 10%

Qualifications of Team 15%

Client Relations and References 20%

Scope and Service Deliverables 25%

Price 30%

Thank you for your interest in this process. You potentially will be contacted to provide further information. There may be a final process to determine the final successful proponent.

Boyle Street Community Services, 2020

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