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It served to create a foundation for our understanding of abortion. To be clear, Aaron presented a expansive history of abortion; what people believed about unborn children and what laws were in place. We learned that science asserts that human life begins at programming homework help conception, and with all further advancements, science continues to reassert this truth. Also, statistical information from the CDC provided the various reasons why women aborted. Lastly, we were informed on the various abortion procedures employed for younger to older unborn persons.

All this information has set the stage for us to fully grasp the topic of abortion in our country and time. This has prepared us for this upcoming week’s presentation on “Wisdom & Character.” (Wed,6PM,Bldg 11/Rm 223)

Wisdom: Knowing the facts, having extensive knowledge on a topic, having expertise.

Character: Employing an artful method, having an attractive manner.

For those who could not attend the first Pro-Life Ambassador event, we recorded it and will have it write my capstone project available online soon along with notes! This can all be used whenever someone asks you about why you are against abortion. You can then show that you have looked deeper than the pro-abortion sing-songy slogans and studied the issue thoroughly.

Trust me. I have encountered many “pro-choicers” (as they say) who do NOT expect to hear sound logic when they speak to a pro-lifer. Prove ’em wrong. Remember, your beliefs are pay someone to write your essay founded by irrefutable scientific facts and true logic. If they don’t let you get a word in, it’s because they are afraid of the truth you hold. Be kind, be friendly, and speak the truth

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