Status Quo? That's B.S.

At Boyle Street Community Services, we believe that all Edmontonians deserve the opportunity to feel empowered to take control of their lives. While providing over 40 programs across nine locations to those who are experiencing homelessness and poverty, we face an ongoing barrier: the status quo.

Unfortunately, the current status quo in our city further discriminates against those who are already marginalized. Misconceptions about homelessness, prejudice, and a lack of understanding about mental health and addiction issues means there are few spaces where our vulnerable neighbours feel safe or welcome.  Our programs and services are underfunded and filled beyond their capacity


We must face the facts: the status quo isn’t good enough for those experiencing homelessness and poverty in Edmonton – in fact, the status quo is B.S.

That’s why we’re asking you to Take the Pledge and say “That’s B.S.” to the status quo. 

Empowering Edmontonians? That's Boyle Street.

"They fought for me when I couldn't fight

for myself."

- Jocelyn, client of
Boyle Street Community Services

Take the Pledge

By Taking the Pledge, you are:

  • making an informed decision to challenge the status quo

  • advocating for Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens

  • leading meaningful change in your community

  • supporting Boyle Street Community Services in our efforts to empower over 12,000 people
    who access our services annually

By Taking the Pledge, you have the opportunity to:

  • donate

  • become an Ambassador

  • volunteer

Take the Pledge

By taking the Pledge, I am standing with those who are experiencing homelessness and poverty by acknowledging that the status quo in Edmonton needs to be improved.


I will make an effort to improve the status quo in my city by:

  • ​Being a voice of truth and compassion: I will speak up in my social groups on behalf of vulnerable communities, and I will reject untruthful and stigmatizing statements that misrepresent those experiencing homelessness and poverty.

  • Taking action and advocating: I will hold elected leaders accountable and advocate for policies that are inclusive, humanizing, and based in fact.

  • Spreading kindness: I will create spaces where vulnerable people feel safe and welcome by being kind, respectful, and understanding of the complexities of homelessness and poverty.

I am interested in learning more about (select all that apply):

Thank you for Taking the Pledge

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Our clients are located throughout Edmonton. To serve them better, we have nine locations across the city.


Complex situations require complex solutions.

We've learned that there is no cookie-cutter solution to fit
all our clients.


Our role is vital in the survival, support, and empowerment of over 12,000 people every year.