Keep Our Community Hydrated

We Need Your Help 

Due to COVID-19, we had to shut down the publicly accessible water fountain last summer. As a result, our community has lost access to the vital resource of clean and safe drinking water. In order to accommodate this change in our delivery of water, we need to purchase water bottles to give to our clients, especially those who are living rough and those who aren't able to access services inside our buildings. As temperatures rise in Edmonton, we need donations for water now more than ever to keep our community safe from conditions like heat stroke and extreme dehydration.  


This year, we are not accepting in-kind donations of water bottles at the Community Centre. Reducing in-kind donations allows us to limit contact and maintain COVID-19 health procedures to keep staff, community members and the public safe.


Through our partnership with Arctic Chiller, we are able to increase the impact of your donation through the preferred pricing they have generously offered to us. Making a donation to our water fund allows us to stretch your dollar and help more people access water in our community.


Donate Funds

If you would like to make monetary donation to support our water fund, please click the button below, or click here.

For any questions or concerns regarding donations to our water fund, please contact: 

Justine Pelletier (she/her)

Development Team 

(587) 340-9219

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Boyle Street staff and volunteers transport and store water donations for our community in Summer 2020.