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Support Sakihta Kikinaw at Stovel Block

Edmonton's newest flexible housing for female-identifying people

Located in the historic Stovel Block building, Sakihta Kikinaw — Cree for “house of love" — offers 30 housing units for female-identifying people* who are experiencing homelessness and poverty in Edmonton.

Currently, there are limited options for safe housing for women who are experiencing homelessness, as women often have to navigate high-risk environments to access a warm place to sleep; this need for housing services is amplified by the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In response to this need, Boyle Street developed Stovel Block to provide flexible, low-income housing for women as a safe space to stay for as long as they need before transitioning into long-term housing. Boyle Street will provide programming and 24/7 on-site workers to help support residents. Individual suites and a common kitchen space will allow residents to further develop a sense of community, confidence and self-worth as they work to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Sakihta Kikinaw practices a new housing model Boyle Street is calling “flexible housing.” Beyond traditional short-term housing models, which house people for several months, flexible housing is an intervention service that gives community members a safe space to stay for as long as they need — from several months to several years  before transitioning into long-term housing.


Staying longer in flexible housing allows community members who are experiencing chronic homelessness and complex needs to get connected to all the services they need to succeed in long-term housing models. 

Ways to Support Sakihta Kikinaw
Make a Monetary Donation

A monetary donation of any amount will help us maintain the day-to-day operations and functionality of Sakihta Kikinaw at Stovel Block. 

Become a

$650 Sponsorship:

Sponsor a woman's first month of rent at Sakihta Kikinaw at Stovel Block to help her settle in and relieve financial strain. 

Donate In-Kind

Donating in-kind will help us provide even more goods and comfort items to the women at Sakihta Kikinaw at Stovel Block. 

Host a Fundraiser

Host a fundraiser to collect monetary or in-kind donations to support programming at Sakihta Kikinaw at Stovel Block.

Make a Referral

Sakihta Kikinaw at Stovel Block will accept referrals from services across the city. Check back on this webpage in a couple of weeks for more details on how to make a referral.

Contact Us

To learn more, donate in-kind or discuss further opportunities to support Stovel Block, please contact our Community Relationship Lead, Sarah Dowling (she/her), at

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*We use "female-identifying" and "women" in relation to include all people who identify as female, including but not limited to cisgender and transgender women.

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