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Youth Community Support Program (YCSP)


The Youth Community Support Program (YCSP) is a community based mental health program. This program is a partnership services between Boyle Street Community Services and Alberta Health Services. YCSP is an empowering, collaborative and innovative program for 20-25 youth and their families who have frequently accessed hospital-based mental health services without experiencing functional improvement. 



YCSP’s philosophy is to deliver holistic support for youth recovery in a safe, respectful environment, where youth and families are included and valued. The positive identities of youth and families are supported by recognizing their skills, strengths, successes, and resources. The families are supported to improve family dynamics, function, communication, wellness, and stability. From the beginning of their time in the program until transition, staff will support youth and families to enhance previously existing community supports and create new connections that offer long-term community-based alternatives.



Youth must be between 13-17 at the time of referral and have mental health and/or addiction diagnoses. Further, all youth have an existing caregiver and placement through family, kinship, foster care or residential resources determined to stay involved and connected throughout their treatment in YCSP.



YCSP assigns an interdisciplinary team of multi-agency staff to engage youth and their caregivers in collectively developing and implementing treatment approach and plans. The multi-agency staff are directly supervised by their respective agency’s leadership. The interdisciplinary team for each youth and family includes the assigned clinician, occupational therapist, and consulting psychiatrist through Alberta Health Services, a youth caseworker and family caseworker from Boyle Street Community Services.



Referrals are primarily made by a hospital or community-based psychiatrists.

If you require more information, please phone 780-613-8901. The fax number is 780-426-4353.











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