Practicum Student Placements

Boyle Street Community Services has been working in the inner city of Edmonton since 1971 to serve, support, and empower people to take control of their lives and escape the cycle of poverty and homelessness. 


Our mission is to build and provide community supports for vulnerable populations who face multiple barriers to inclusion. Our vision is to see that all people grow healthier through involvement in strong, accepting and respectful communities.  

We operate under a set system of values created in conjunction with our clients: 


  • Boyle Street is a home, a family, a village – a place of safety, trust, love, welcome and also a place with all the challenges that a home, a family, and a village bring. 

  • Everything we do matters, and the little things are just as important as the big ones – a small gesture can have a great impact on another’s life. 

  • We believe that life is too serious to be taken seriously and humour is a central part of our life and work at Boyle Street. 

  • Our community members are diverse, and we welcome everyone. We serve adults, youth, and families and are proud to act as a knowledgeable resource for Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, and new immigrant communities. 


To see our full list of organizational values, click here.  

Program Descriptions


Streetworks is a set of harm reduction programs run out of Boyle Street Community Services. This includes the Core Team which operates an on-site nursing station as well as provides overdose and other emergency response, the HER Pregnancy Program and the STBBI program.


The Ideal Student:

Our ideal student is someone who is versed in and understands harm reduction, or is open to learning about it and is comfortable working with vulnerable populations.

2 practicum positions available: RN/LPN


ID Services

Four Directions Financial Services is part of the social enterprise side (a business that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose) of Boyle Street Community Services. We are a multi-programmed service that offers banking, identification acquisition and mail service to over 3000 clients. Our focus is on assisting those who are marginalized, homeless or at risk of homelessness, and who experience multiple barriers in a variety of areas such as housing, financial services, employment, education, etc.


All staff within the Four Directions family of services are cross-trained to assist clients in all three areas and are knowledgeable in all Boyle Street and Inner City resources to make referrals when needed. This is a fast-paced, widely experienced Team, who continue to grow and expand their services to ensure that all clients are able to access the resources they need.


The Ideal Student:

For any students seeking placement within Four Directions, we are searching for: energetic, socially aware, compassionate individuals, who are interested in being part of a multi-disciplined team. Students should be ready to engage a diversity of clients, be somewhat trauma-informed, and be open and willing to engage culturally supported Indigenous teachings and practices. 


1 practicum position available

Managed Alcohol Program

The Managed Alcohol Program (MAP) is designed to support people who are consuming non-beverage alcohol (i.e. hand sanitizer) and/or whose consumption of alcohol is negatively impacting their housing status and health. Participants are provided a daily allotment of wine, assisted with resource provision and system navigation, and participate in programming and peer groups. Students will learn harm reduction skills, case management, social justice, ethical dilemma navigation, de-escalation, working in a multi-disciplinary team.


1 practicum position available

No current placement opportunities

Sandy’s Place

Adult Community Supports

Circle Indigenous Cultural Program at Ubuntu


Community Center Drop In


Ubuntu Children and Families


Sakihta Kikinaw

Youth Services

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