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Emergency Response Fund (ERF)

Urgent Need: Summer Weather Protection 

Emergency Response Fund

Our newest initiative in keeping our community safe, our Emergency Response Fund will provide funds that we can access in the face of any emergency circumstances, including extreme weather. Our Emergency Response Fund will allow us to be responsive to the immediate needs of our community in ways that are efficient and sustainable.  

We Need Your Help Preventing Heat Stroke and Dehydration  

Summer weather can be unpredictable and dangerous for people who are on the streets or sleeping rough (in tents, for example). With high temperatures fast approaching, it can be difficult for those experiencing homelessness to access cool places as temperatures climb. Being outdoors for extended periods in weather 30°C to 40°C can lead to multiple health consequences, including dehydration and heatstroke, and direct exposure to the Sun can cause dangerous sunburns.  

Our ERF will mean we can always have water on hand and other amenities that can give comfort and dignity to our clients.  

Donations for Summer Weather Protection

This year we are not accepting in-kind donations dropped off at our Community Centre. As the summer heat approaches, please consider making a monetary donation to our Emergency Response Fund so we can purchase water and summer protection items to prevent heatstroke in our community. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Development Coordinator at 587-338-1740 or development@boylestreet.org

Double Your Impact: Donate Today

By partnering with TopBlok, a digital asset management and consulting company based out of Alberta, and Arctic Chiller, who provides the water, we’re able to not only stretch your donations but double your impact. Please consider stretching your dollar and helping more people by making a monetary donation today.   

Thank you for supporting your fellow citizens who are vulnerable in our city. These donations are lifesaving during extreme weather. 

Partnership with TopBlok 

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TopBlok is a digital asset management and consulting company based out of Alberta. They invest in various blockchain and cryptocurrency projects using capital raised from private equity.

TopBlok is matching the first $10,000 raised by our ERF, so when you donate you are doubling the power of your dollar.

Learn more about TopBlok by visiting TopBlok's site

“We want to give back to organizations that fight homelessness in real life.  We are in an industry where people are fortunate enough to be able to purchase digital lands and homes and not worry about the basic necessities of life.  We feel that a portion of our land sales should go back to help those facing real-life housing challenges and all the struggles that go along with it.  Boyle Street is the perfect organization to help us realize our mission to give back as their campaigns go directly to solve everyday challenges that people are facing now.”

- Gary Minhas,

COO & Vice President