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Emergency Response Fund (ERF)

Urgent Need: Summer Weather Protection 

Emergency Response Fund

Our newest initiative in keeping our community safe, our Emergency Response Fund will provide funds that we can access in the face of any emergency circumstances, including extreme weather. Our Emergency Response Fund will allow us to be responsive to the immediate needs of our community in ways that are efficient and sustainable.  

We Need Your Help Preventing Heat Stroke and Dehydration  

While we all enjoy the summer weather, it can bring its own challenges – sunburn, dehydration, heatstroke, and poor air quality. Not everyone is able to find shelter and avoid the adverse effects of summer conditions. Vulnerable Edmontonians deserve to be protected from these effects, and our Emergency Response Fund (ERF) is designed to deliver that basic safety and dignity. 
Our ERF allows us to quickly respond to the immediate needs of our community in an efficient and sustainable manner. Please consider making a monetary donation to our ERF so we can purchase water bottles, hats, sunscreen, and other items necessary to keep our community safe during extreme summer weather. 

Thank you for supporting your fellow citizens who are vulnerable in our city - your donations save lives.

Donations for Summer Weather Protection

This year we are not accepting in-kind donations dropped off at our Community Centre. As the summer heat approaches, please consider making a monetary donation to our Emergency Response Fund so we can purchase water and summer protection items to prevent heatstroke in our community. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Development Senior Administrator at 587-338-1740  call or text or email

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