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Host a Fundraiser

Want to organize and host your very own fundraiser for Boyle Street? Our fundraiser chart makes it easy for individuals, groups, and organizations to do a fundraiser for Boyle Street.

Small Acts, Big Impacts

Whether your fundraiser is big or small, we appreciate that every gift has a great impact on our community members’ lives. We can support you to create a fundraiser tailored to your own capacity, skills, and goals. 


COVID-19 Precautions

Boyle Street continues to prioritize our clients and donors’ safety amidst COVID-19, and we have adjusted our fundraising guidelines to uphold physical distancing.

Get inspired by the examples below and make your own fundraiser!  

Fundraiser Chart Self Led 2.png

*Cash donations refer to monetary donations given to Boyle Street in the form of cash, cheque or debit card. In-kind donations refer to non-monetary donations gifted to Boyle Street, such as socks or winter jackets. 

Fundraiser Examples

Timmies and Tampons.png

Janice and her family ran a fundraiser called “Timmies and Tampons" that raised over $1,400 to buy Tim Hortons gift cards and menstrual products for our community.  


"A lot of people Boyle Street helps are from the Treaty 8 territory just like me, and I want to help my brothers and sisters as much as I can. I loved being able to show my sons that we can give back to the community by  helping vulnerable Indigenous women. Showing them how much our fundraiser helped was really positive." -Janice


Jeannie, a six-year-old Edmontonian hosted her own art gallery in her parent's backyard. Jeannie is an inspiration to do-gooders both young and old who want to get involved in their community.


"Naturally, I want to make her dreams come true, but it's also a great opportunity to teach her to give back." - Pamela, Jeannie's Mom

Jeanie sold all of her art and raised over $1,000 dollars for Boyle Street!

Ready to Get Started?

How Boyle Street can help:  

  • Provide planning advice  

  • Promotion through Boyle Street’s social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook  

  • Provide Boyle Street information (brochures, posters, etc.)  

  • Attendance of a representative from Boyle Street, when appropriate, to make a speech or for photo opportunities 

  • Provide your organization with recognition through a thank you letter or certificate of recognition, thank you via social media channels or in an online newsletter  

Unfortunately, Boyle Street is not able to:  

  • Reimburse expenses 

  • Guarantee attendance or volunteers  

  • Share our mailing lists

  • Solicit in kind or monetary gifts  

  • Assist with applications for gaming licenses or insurance of any kind


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