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Legacy Gifts 

Gift of Securities


When you donate publicly traded stocks, mutual funds, and other securities directly to a registered charity, you pay no capital gains tax and receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the gift. The tax receipt is issued for the market value of the assets on the day it is transferred to The Boyle Street Service Society.


To make a gift of securities please email

Gift in Your Will

A will is the cornerstone to any estate planning. It’s also the last communication that you will have with your loved ones and it gives you the opportunity to reaffirm your priorities and values.

Leaving a Gift in Your Will:

  • Leave a residual bequest ‒ a share of the remainder of your estate after other needs are met

  • Leave a contingent bequest ‒ a share of your estate after your other beneficiaries have passed

  • Leave a specific dollar amount



  • You can make a larger gift than you ever thought possible

  • A gift in a will doesn’t have to take away from what you plan to leave for loved ones

  • A gift in a will doesn’t cost you anything now

  • You reduce the tax burden on your estate

  • You can choose to make changes to your will at any time

Gift of Life Insurance

With a relatively low personal investment, you can give a large gift that directly helps Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens when you name The Boyle Street Service Society as the beneficiary and owner of a new or an existing life insurance policy. Any cash value attributed to the policy will be treated as a gift of cash and will result in a tax credit for the cash value amount.

Gift of Real Estate

With proper planning, property or real estate can be donated to The Boyle Street Service Society, resulting in significant tax benefits while providing a generous gift to support our mission.

Gift of RRSPs and RRIFs

The funds left in RRSP or RRIF can be used to make a lasting impact by naming The Boyle Street Service Society as the beneficiary of these accounts. A tax receipt for the full amount of the charitable distribution will be issued to the estate to help offset taxes with this tax credit. With this option, you can retain ownership of the RRSP or RRIF and name the charity as the beneficiary only. This option also keeps the asset out of the estate and any consequent claims and probate fees.

To get started or for more information please contact: The Development Team at

or (587) 338-1740.

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