It’s dignity. Cultural support. Mental health services. Connections. Families.

It's people.

Build people up with Boyle Street Community Services.

Supports and services for Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens should always be accessible and sustainable. Through your gift, they can be.



People experiencing homelessness and on the waitlist for housing in Edmonton; more than double the number from March 2019.


Those who are surviving day-to-day outside.


Youth living independently without a safe, consistent residence.


Individuals served by Boyle Street Community Services.



to end chronic homelessness in our community.   

Through Boyle Street Community Services' (BSCS) supports and programs, we can break cycles that lead to poverty and homelessness. With the right focus and intention, we can restore health and well-being, creating long-lasting, meaningful change!


BSCS empowers individuals by listening and caring, discovering their source of inspiration and hope and walking alongside them to find solutions to the challenges they face.

Our 500+ staff work throughout Edmonton to provide:

  1. Access to Indigenous culture and ceremony 

  2. Mental health care and programs 

  3. Substance use and recovery services 

  4. Employment training and mentorship  

  5. Financial education and access  

  6. Housing supports 

  7. Youth services hub  

  8. Medical support

  9. 24/7 Outreach  

  10. Justice system support 


our current facility is a barrier to providing meaningful change in people’s lives and is not an accessible building for those with physical disabilities.

Renovated, state-of-the-art Boyle Street Community Centre

We’re creating a purposefully renovated, state-of-the-art Boyle Street Community Centre.

An appropriately designed, purpose-built Boyle Street Community Centre located in Edmonton’s core:

Facilitates a fundamentally different and better approach to supporting those experiencing chronic homelessness 

Creates a purpose-built environment that is warm, inviting, and beautiful — supporting better outcomes  

Ensures the community's most vulnerable populations’ basic needs are met while realizing considerable cost savings in terms of healthcare, justice, emergency and social services 

Helps BSCS tip the balance from the reactive, day-to-day task of keeping people safe and alive to proactively addressing the root causes of chronic homelessness 

Embodies the belief that everyone who finds themselves in a state of chronic homelessness can break the cycles holding them and live a life of dignity and purpose

Supports spiritual healing with intentionally built spaces for access to Indigenous culture, ceremony and medicine 


What can you do?

Your investment in a fit-for-purpose Boyle Street Community Centre enables Boyle Street Community Services to continue changing lives.  

And we’re already halfway there. Your donation brings us closer to building the facility our community deserves.

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​Boyle Street Community Services is the trade name of The Boyle Street Service Society, an Alberta society and a registered charity.

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