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Meal Sponsor Highlight: Edmonton Emergency Physicians Association

Helping our community through a challenging time

Sponsoring a meal is a fantastic way to feed Edmonton's most vulnerable populations and spread kindness in our city. Members of the Edmonton Emergency Physicians Association (EEPA) have seen firsthand how tough this year has been on Edmontonians. This week, they sponsored a meal of baked salmon and braised rice at Boyle Street to help our community through challenging times.

Boyle Street's chef, Ani, cooked a meal of baked salmon and braised rice, sponsored by the EEPA.

Erin Bristow from the EEPA explained how working closely with people affected by the pandemic led the doctors and physicians to sponsor a meal at Boyle Street:

“EEPA represents members of the local community who can see how hard this year has been for everyone in our region. We believe it is imperative that we reach out to support and promote wellbeing beyond the walls of our hospitals.”

At Boyle Street, our Community Kitchen brings staff, clients and the public together to develop a healthy, nourished and connected community. With three tiers to choose from (starting at $350), our meal sponsorship program aims to bring our community together in a way that is accessible to individuals, groups and businesses.

Not only did the EEPA’s meal sponsorship feed everyone at our Community Centre, but it also helped us to restock essential ingredients in our Community Kitchen. Meal sponsorships like this help to keep our doors open so we can continue providing essential services to people who are experiencing poverty and homelessness in our city..

“We know that many of our patients rely on the invaluable programs and services offered by Boyle Street Community Services,” said Bristow. “The EEPA sponsored this meal to promote community wellbeing and to support what we see as an essential service.”

We are incredibly grateful for the EEPA’s generosity and the work that its members do to keep our community members safe and healthy.


Learn more and sponsor a meal today at


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