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Meal Sponsor Highlight: BigSteelBox

Making an immediate impact in our community

Sponsoring a meal at Boyle Street is a wonderful way to make an immediate impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness and poverty in our city. Last month, BigSteelBox Edmonton sponsored their first meal at the Boyle Street Community Centre. This week, they generously sponsored a hearty meal of bacon-wrapped scones and pecan pie for our community members.

BigSteelBox’s mission is to make moving and storage feel better for their customers across Canada.

One of their company values is: “We are here to do good”. Sponsoring a meal at Boyle Street allowed them to do just that!

“When we find opportunities to donate our moving and storage services to local charities and organizations or support campaigns like the Meal Sponsorship Program at Boyle Street, we’re extremely happy to do so,” said Diana Roach, Store Manager at BigSteelBox in Edmonton.

A group photo of the BigSteelBox Edmonton team.

Diana's history of working with Boyle Street inspired her and her colleagues to reach out and support our organization this season:

“When I was in university, I had a practicum job placement at Boyle Street and saw the great work they did in our community,” said Diana. “Giving back and helping the most vulnerable people in our communities has always been very important to me personally, and Boyle Street’s Meal Sponsorship Program is a great way to see the impact you make immediately.”

The two meals BigSteelBox sponsored this month fed everyone at our Community Centre and helped our chef, Ani, restock essential ingredients in our Community Kitchen. Donations like these not only provide sustainable support for essential services like meals, but they allow our staff to focus on providing mental health, housing and employment services that help people break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

“The Edmonton community is really important to us,” concluded Diana. “Having the opportunity to support vulnerable people in our city is something we feel very privileged to do.”

To sponsor a meal at Boyle Street, visit:


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