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Team Member Highlight: Bindu Lamichhane

For Bindu Lamichhane, 7-year Boyle Street employee and Sr. Manager of Payroll and Accounts Payable, employment at Boyle Street marks a significant transition in her life. Bindu and her family immigrated to Canada from Nepal in 2013. In some ways, it felt like they were starting over: new country, new experiences, and needing to find new work. When asked what drew Bindu to Boyle Street she says how while in Nepal she worked in a continuing care facility for seniors. She had always been drawn to the cause of helping and supporting people. Being new to Canada, she wanted a better understanding of her new home.

She felt the best way to understand a country was to see how they treat those who struggle with poverty.

Bindu began at Boyle Street as a level one administrator in the finance department at Boyle Street’s downtown community centre. She notes that she quickly realized that this workplace was different. “There was no cultural discrimination. Being part of the Boyle Street family means you are part of the team from day one.” She continues, “our team was motivated by [Boyle Street’s] mission, you see that in the way people work. Even though [the finance team] doesn’t work directly with clients I am empowered by the work that our staff do. If I make sure they get paid properly and on time then I know I am making things a bit easier for them so they can do their job.”

Today, Bindu leads the accounts payable and payroll teams. She remarks on how she has gone from frontline administrative position to now leading a team, supporting her staff, and making important organizational decisions. “The Boyle Street leadership team saw my ability and encouraged me to pursue this work.” Bindu took additional payroll courses and eventually acquired her Payroll Compliance Practitioner credentials. This was an accomplishment both her and the team were very proud of. Though Bindu worked hard in her education, she credits the former Payroll Manager, June, and current Director of Finance, Colette, for pushing her to take on more challenges. “June was retiring and created a succession plan for me. She supported me to grow in my work, grew my interest in payroll and that was very motivating.”

But there were other motivating factors as well. “Nepal is a male-dominated society. I was a successful lecturer at University, but at work, I was never Bindu, I was always someone’s wife, someone’s daughter or someone’s daughter-in-law.” Bindu remembers a specific work opportunity that was offered to her through her father-in-law.

"I was never approached or had a chance to decide for myself. I knew my ability and I wanted people to come to me. I didn’t feel good about it.”

Coming to Canada has drastically changed that for Bindu. “I’ve gotten this opportunity because of me. Boyle Street saw me for what I was, not who I was related to.”

“This is what I always dreamed of!”

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