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What Does Success Look Like?

This month, we have two stories that highlight the integration and value of the services we offer. The first comes from Bob, our ID Services Coordinator:

“Henry* struggled with chronic addiction and homelessness for much of his life, until a life-changing medical episode altered his path. With Boyle Street Community Services (BSCS) offering a full spectrum of programs within a single point of service, we were able to help Henry navigate the complex systems of mental and physical health, housing, justice, culture and employment.

"After acquiring his ID, he was able to find employment with HireGood, a for-profit social enterprise owned and operated by BSCS. Henry ended up loving his snow removal job. He knew he had to be sober before he went to work every morning, and he got in the habit of singing 70's tunes as he shoveled snow. He would greet strangers and passersby - some said 'hi', while others ignored him.

"After every shift, he would sit with his mentor in a local café to warm up. With a coffee in his hand, he loved to read the horoscope section of the newspaper. Noticing his reading skills were underdeveloped, his mentor read aloud with him. Henry began to carry himself with pride and dignity; the transformation in his life was astounding.”

Our second story comes from the Ubuntu program’s Family Mental Wellness (FMW) team:

“Cher*, aged 21, has one year left on her Children’s Services Supports and Financial Agreements (SAFA), and has made tremendous progress this past year. Cher went from rarely leaving the house with intense anxiety to participating in the women’s firefighting Camp Inspire and is now working and attending school at the Hallway Café Program for 2 months.

"A major factor in Cher’s success has been the weekly support of the FMW program in consistently communicating and reflecting her strengths. Adverse childhood experiences and complicated natural support relationships impacted Cher greatly - close relationships repeatedly told her she couldn’t do things and left her to struggle. With support of the FMW program, Cher has seen evidence of her ability to succeed.

"With the FMW program support, she has also moved into independent housing, achieved her learner’s license after three tries, received a SIN number, applied for Treaty status and opened online banking."

Because of our integrated and specialized services, we’ve been able to be a one-stop-shop for support for both Henry and Cher. Your continued support means that we can duplicate these stories hundreds of times throughout the year and go a long way towards meeting our clients where they are and supporting them with dignity and respect.

Check out our "Get Involved" page to learn more about how you can support our initiatives.

*name has been changed to protect client confidentiality.


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