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Getting housed is complex work, we know there is not one single path out of homelessness, which is why we honour and advocate for housing choice.  


A donation of $650.00 helps to cover one month’s rent and will ensure continued access to housing choice for Edmonton’s most vulnerable. 


At any given time in Edmonton there are 2,700 people experiencing chronic homelessness. By becoming a homemaker, you are choosing to be part of the solution. 


A key component of supporting folks to become permanently housed is providing Housing Choice. There are many different experiences of homelessness, which means that it requires many different types of solutions. We listen to the voices of those we serve and as a result, their feedback has helped us purposefully design a number of different sites. This affords dignity and agency to those we serve and increases the chances that they will find success in remaining housed in the long term. 

Support access to housing choice for Edmonton’s most vulnerable through Boyle Street’s innovative housing sites like these examples below

sakihta kikinaw

sakihta kikinaw provides shared and private rooms with space for 27 female identifying residents to work toward their goals. Residents are able to rent here for as long as it takes for them to reach their housing goals. Weekly programming supports residents to improve their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being as well as acquire new skills that will allow them to secure independent housing on a timeline that works for them.


Montrose is a six-bedroom house where male identifying residents share responsibilities and common space with one another in a largely independent home. Montrose is permanent housing for those who wish to stay and enjoy the shared living experience in Montrose house!

Sandy's Place

Sandy’s Place is a 62-unit temporary housing site open to adults connected to a housing worker. Residents are able to work with their supports to gain the skills necessary to maintain housing and build their confidence to live independently.

Morningstar Homes 

Morningstar Homes is a supportive housing site that has 47 units (including 8 barrier-free units) for individuals who have struggled with substance use, mental health, and have consistently accessed emergency services. This all-gender site helps folks succeed in staying housed, while building skills on maintaining a home and building community.

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