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Miniature Houses
Become a

Getting housed is complex work, we know there is not one single path out of homelessness, which is why we honour and advocate for housing choice.  


A donation of $650.00 covers the cost of one month’s rent. 


At any given time in Edmonton there are 2,700 people experiencing chronic homelessness. By becoming a homemaker, you are choosing to be part of the solution. 


A key component of supporting folks to become permanently housed is providing Housing Choice. There are many different experiences of homelessness, which means that it requires many different types of solutions. We listen to the voices of those we serve and as a result, their feedback has helped us purposefully design a number of different sites. This affords dignity and agency to those we serve and increases the chances that they will find success in remaining housed in the long term. 

Support access to housing choice for Edmonton’s most vulnerable through Boyle Street’s innovative housing sites like these examples below
Making a donation as a homemaker means that you are helping us reach our goal of ending chronic homelessness. 
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